In view of the apocalyptic holocaust which nuclear capability can cause, the superpowers regard one another as “existential threats”. But, at the same time, a sequent view of nuclear capability as deterrence dawns in. Hence, the world is never sure what will happen next, and thus anxiety and fear keep creeping in.

The present time is again an age when war mania is building up.

Just imagine what is happening around every other day in South East China Sea, Ukraine, Syria, Turkey, Yemen, political turmoil inside and outside Britain, terrorist activities which have almost spread in major countries of the world like an incurable epidemic, proxy wars, warnings and threats to Pakistan from India, large-scale migration from the east to the west, shuttle movements of leaders of the caliber of Vladimir Putin and John Kerry, permanent war between Israel and Palestine, the chaos in Iraq and Afghanistan, uncertainty after the Arab Spring, regular missiles and hydrogen bomb experiments, militarisation in the Yellow Sea, South East China Sea, Arabian Sea, Indian and Mediterranean Oceans along with hectic espionage activities over land, water, air and space. The media-linked reading and listening public is awe- stricken, and the citizens like this writer, exchange ideas with far-fetched scanty information about life in the 21st century. Some speculations and wishful thoughts are: to appreciate the superpower, United States; its constitution, culture and decisions are three points to discuss. It is a federal, representative, democratic republic. It boasts of continuity of the democratic process compared to which Britain still has a hereditary monarch in the 21st Century.

The US culture which further supports its uniqueness compels the citizens to turn the world according to their perception. In simple words, the US wants the whole world to be like them, which according to Sigmund Freud is a psychological tendency, related to defence mechanism. If this cultural character and ambition of seeing “the world according to the Garp” is further deeply and politically studied, it becomes Franklin Benjamin’s dream of ruling the world under one US order. This ambition has been the cause of good and bad, and mostly out of the blue decisions.

The establishment of United Nations (UN) and World Bank are useful contrivances. But there are so many examples of the US misconceptions about the world. The US foreign policy is myopic which confuses the decision-makers sometimes about friends and foes. Pakistan is a case in point which will be briefly

discussed alongside the US role and its future, wherever the entry is relevant. For the time being, the conjecture is that at some juncture in future, the US won’t appear to be enjoying the same status and influence as it has been exercising in 20th Century.

The East, spearheaded by Russia and China will rise. China is unstoppable. The manufacturing range of China has the capacity to meet at least consumer goods for all the citizens of the world. Chinese defence system and its astute policies have the guts to save trade from risks and dangers.

The Russian Federation does not refrain from facing challenges as sufficiently proven by its bold actions pertaining to Ukraine and Syria. In 2015, at his confirmation as the new Chief of US Army Staff, General Mark Milley revealed “Russia is the only country on earth that retains a nuclear capability to destroy the United States. That is an existential threat.”

Peace will remain a rare commodity. Just an illusory pursuit!

The US is once again working on usual propaganda campaign of calling adversaries as aggressors. It is not Russia but the West which has picked the course of conflict and collusion in Crimea.

How could Russia afford militant activities on its borders as these aggressive activities could cross the borders? These must be timely checked in self-defence before the violence begins inside Russian borders.

Then NATO jumped in by declaring the Ukraine scenario as “its essential business” which failed as the moral grounds were weak. Russia considers Kiev as “the mother of all Russian cities.”

In fact, there is a fundamental problem with the US foreign policy decisions. The people of the world are sick of the American role of a self-appointed adjudicator. It pokes its nose in every international matter but uses delaying tactics to prolong problems like Kashmir and Palestine through the UN. The superpower only acts on its own whims and prejudices.

The US is actively involved in facilitating Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) membership for India as if what has already been done to raise India’s status was not sufficient. (Please see earlier articles). This is not the way of the world to maintain friendship: no one sacrifices friends: they are like one’s own arms and hands. The British have not forgotten their allies although 71 years have elapsed when World War II was fought. Likewise, Putin has not forgotten ethnic, religious, cultural and such other relations with Russia’ neighbours.

Brexit also provides a little insight into the future of Europe. The UK’s self-flagellating decision has shocked the world and sent its waves to various economies.

Brexit will also affect Franklin Benjamin’s dream of world dominance. It will further limit the US influence because the British strong team of protesters and debaters will not be there in EU to support the US contentions on various matters.

The countries within EU are also facing serious problems. It is the problem of dysfunctioning of their common currency known as Euro. The root cause of the problem is that Euro was subjugated to political bias and political consideration.

It is, therefore, concluded that “the single currency was not, is not, and will never be a progressive project.” Certainly, there is a basic lesson for the New Eurasian Union to treat every member country equally.

With the revival of Silk Route along with its link roads, the New EU will be playing an effective role which will increase Russian influence while the US influence recedes.

Nevertheless, the world in the 21st Century will not be without hope. If Russia and China join hands in matters dealing with trade and defence, the world can achieve a balance of power which could bring tidings of peace.

Russia and China together can also develop their relations in the region because of newly discovered rare metals and raw minerals, essential for modern technology and future innovations alongside their wealth of high profile weaponry, oil, gas, agricultural and industrial mercantile which can solve food, energy and survival problems of many a country.

The main thrust of this article is that history provides man examples of noble efforts to bring quality in life which nature has bestowed upon him. Whether they were Greeks, Arabs, or the Western and Eastern generations, man has always been found busy in sharing and democratising what he has in the form of land, water, production both agricultural and industrial, culture, arts, manners and morals, religion, language, information, knowledge, science and technology. By avoiding corruption and war, let us democratise love and peace as well

because the real ruler is one who wins the hearts. This is in a nutshell what democracy and religion stand for. Sometimes it seems perhaps nature has given man another chance to build once again his own paradise.