1. When Jesus Christ left this world around 2017 years ago and ascended to heaven there was no such thing as Christ faith, only Jews who followed Jesus, the Messiah, who himself was an observant Jewish Rabbi.

2. Saint Paul decided that Christ followers who were either Jews or gentiles, no longer had to follow ‘the law’ given to the Jews. Hence they abandoned the Kosher laws, allowing Mediterranean people who all loved pork to embrace the faith. And no longer had to subscribe to the rest of the complex Kosher laws.

3. Male circumcision was abandoned because it is too painful for adult males to undergo. Hence from being a small group of people upon Jesus Christ’s departure for the heavens, Christianity conquered the world.

3. Regarding the divinity of Christ, it is clear that in the Mediterranean world people believed in gods with very human attributes, such as Zeus, Athena, Aphrodite, Hera, Poseidon, Jupiter, Apollo, so it was easy to transition to believe that God had assumed the form of a man, a ‘Son’ of God, like Hercules was the human Son of Zeus. This made belief in a God who assumed human form very popular and easy to believe in.

In the Bible, the Torah, too, God assumed the form of a man on at least a couple of occasions, including when he met Abraham and promised Sarah a child despite her being very old. And when he or an angel, wrestled with Jacob. Zeus used to assume different identities when he wanted to seduce women, including married women.


USA, July 2.