MIRPURKHAS      -        Representatives of scheduled castes of the Hindu community, in a meeting held here on Sunday, decided to form an alliance, titled, Pakistan Scheduled Castes Alliance in view of the problems confronting the people belonging to these classes.

The meeting was attended by Sarvan Kumar Advocate, Comrade Neemdas Kolhi, Radha Bheel, Jay Ram Das Abojho, Bamhar Lal Karnani, Jayram Das Meghwar Advocate, Hemandas Kolhi Advocate, Satram Das Sonani Advocate, Engineer Kanjimal Meghwar and others. While discussing the problems of scheduled castes, participants of the meeting agreed that an alliance was required if Hindus belonging to the lower classes were to solve them and present their viewpoint in an emphatic manner. Sarvan Kumar Bheel, a lawyer, was appointed as organizer of the alliance while Neem Das Kolhi as co-organizer.

Speaking on the occasion, Organizer Sarvan Kumar Bheel and Co-organizer Neemdas Kolhi said that people belonging to the scheduled castes were facing oppression at the hands of Lohana Panchat people, who though constituted only five percent of the Hindu community in Pakistan, but still held sway since they looted resources of people belonging to the lower castes.