KARACHI - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan on Saturday said that the judiciary wants to implement the rule of law but the government had decided to continue refuting the verdicts of the judiciary. Addressing the Karachi Bar Association at Shuhda-e-Punjab Hall, he said if the government persists its current economic policies, a brutal revolution will come. President KBA Mehmudul Hassan and other officer bearers were also present on the occasion. He said some Rs9 to 10 billion were smuggled abroad through Hundi system causing huge losses to national exchequer and the said money was of corruption and tax theft by the rulers. He said a long march would be launched if any step was taken by the government against judiciary. Later, addressing journalists upon his visit at Karachi Press Club, he warned the government that any conspiracy hatched against the judiciary would be taken as against the democracy. He said that it was the first time in the history of the country that the judiciary had become fully independent while any conspiracy against the current judiciary would actually be considered against the democracy. Commenting over the budget, Imran said that extra burden had been put on the shoulders of the poor masses through imposing indirect taxes while no tax had been imposed or suggested to be imposed on the elite of the country. The unfortunate cut in the funds of health and education in budget 2010-11 and increase in the defence budget under the same reason of ongoing war on terrorism in Khyber Pukthunkhwa by the government was very sad indeed. However, this war is not Pakistans war, it is of USA in which Pakistan suffering huge losses of lives of its innocent citizens, he added. Imran said that a revolution bigger than 1970 was likely to come in the next general elections, as the media had became more powerful and in the next elections the candidates will restrict their campaigns on TV channels, while the atmosphere will not be in the favour for public gatherings and any such events. He said that the politicians and other wealthy people had to declare the details of their properties. Many politicians have made illegal properties to avoid taxes, so such properties should be seized. He also urged that such politicians must be arrested and should be taken in jail directly, and should not been granted bail as it is being done in USA and India. To a query, he said that former president of Pakistan General (retd) Pervez Musharraf had to come to the country if he wants to join politics. He should take part in politics then he would know the difference between the politics in the uniforms. Imran said that in 1995 the tax theft was made legal through a law, and the current tax system was making poor more poorer and rich becoming richer. Referring a survey report, he said that 31 per cent people in the country were not able to provide food to their families, while Rs32 as a tax was imposed on diesel which was being paid equally by both rich and the poor people.