BREATH-taking footage shows the moment a daredevil smashed four world records in one death defying jump.

Fearless Jhonathan Florez, 29, leapt from 37,265ft then flew like a bird reaching speeds of up to 100mph using a wing suit. Jhonathan’s high altitude stunt smashed the record for the longest ever wing suit jump, clocking in at nine minutes and six seconds.

The Colombian born stuntman also claimed the record for greatest horizontal distance flown in a wing suit, covering 16.315 miles as he battled through temperatures of -45C. Jhonathan also bagged the record for the greatest absolute distance flown in a wing suit of 17.520 miles and the highest ever wingsuit jump. He admitted he planned to take a break from his daredevil stunts - because they terrify his wife.

Jhonathan, who lives in Florida with wife Caci, 28, said: ‘My wife is not to keen on me doing them. She is understandably worried while I am up there. ‘It can be a bit of a dangerous sport - but it gives you a great sense of achievement.’ The professional film maker and photographer captured the dangerous stunt using cameras attached to his back and helmet. He spent months training for his record breaking flight and had to wear oxygen masks to breath as he started so high up. He rounded off the jump, having descended 33,000ft, by eventually pulling his parachute at just 4,000ft above the ground.

Jhonathan, who completed the jump in Colombia on April 20, said: ‘It was just an amazing feeling when I completed the jump. It was the best moment of my life.                        –Daily Mail