TARBELA GHAZI - Nomination papers of the aspiring candidates for PK-42 on tickets of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Awami National Party and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz were rejected among 13 other candidates out of the total 18 including 3 former parliamentarians and only 5 candidates were allowed to contest the election.

According to the details, 18 candidates had filed nomination papers to contest the election for the KP Assembly constituency PK-42 Ghazi. After detailed scrutiny of the nomination papers and on completion of the arguments on objections filed by rival candidates, Returning Officer PK-42 Haripur-III Ghazi Abdul Qayyum Saddique rejected the nomination papers of 13 candidates.

The candidates whose papers were rejected included PTI candidate Malik Tahir Iqbal Awan, his younger brother and  covering candidate Malik Adeel Iqbal Awan, and 2nd covering female candidate of PTI Saima Khalid, PTI’s former member KP Assembly  who was refused party ticket on the allegation of having sold his vote in Senate elections Faisal Zaman, his covering candidate Rizwan Saesd Mughal, former KP chief minister and central senior vice president Pakistan Muslim League-N senator Pir Sabir Shah’s nephew and candidate of PML-N Qasim Shah, former member KP Assembly and former PPP leader Dr Faiza Rasheed, former MPA Gohar Nawaz Khan, candidate of ANP Shoukat Rehman Mashwani, Arshad Khan alias Bhola, Khan Zeb Khan, Zahid Khan and Shoukat Bilal Khan were rejected whereas the nomination papers of the PPP’s woman  candidate Naseem Akhtar, PML-N covering candidate Ahmed Shah, PTI’s covering candidate Sajjad Naeem, Tehreek-e-Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah’s candidate Waseem and Abdullah Habib were accepted and they were allowed to contest the election.

All the candidates who were allowed to contest the election except Ahmed Shah of PML-N are totally unknown to the people of the constituency and one of them, the TLYR candidate Waseem is not even the resident of the constituency and belongs to village Langrial, Havelian.

People expected that as per previous practice in the constituency, all the candidates would be allowed to contest the election by setting aside objections; however, people of the region appreciated verdict of the Returning Officer PK- 42 Haripur-III Ghazi Abdul Qayyum Saddique and said that all other returning officers of the country should also follow him by giving bold and free verdicts to bring a real change in the country and to make the Parliament clean from the corrupt elements.

They were also of the view that if our courts and returning officers had such kind of the bold and free  verdicts and there verdicts were also upheld by the next appellant authorities, than our Parliament could be clean from the corrupt elements and such verdicts would make sure to bring forward neat and clean people in the Parliament.

Due to the verdict of the returning officer, all prominent names of the constituency like Malik Tahir Iqbal Awan, Faisal Zaman, Qasim Shah, Dr Faiza Rasheed, Gohar Nawaz Khan and Shoukat Rehman Mashwani have been ousted from the run of election until any other appellant forum permits them to contest the election.