ISLAMABAD - The experts on Friday discussed the China-India current standoff with a particular focus on its implications for the regional security.

The Centre for Aerospace and Se­curity Studies (CASS) hosted a we­binar titled “China-India Standoff: Implications for Regional Security” to discuss the rapidly evolving situ­ation at China-India border and risk of further escalation.

The session was chaired by Air Chief Marshal (Retd) Kaleem Saa­dat, President CASS. Shashank Joshi, the defence editor at the Economist magazine; Professor Shen Ding­li, Fudan University; Lt Gen (Retd) Naeem Khalid Lodhi, former De­fense Secretary and Ambassador Jal­il Abbas Jillani, Director CASS were the speakers.

Initiating the discussion, President CASS, provided an overview of the current situation at the China-India border. Shahsank Joshi shared his views on the recent crisis and stat­ed that neither China nor India an­ticipated the current level of escala­tion and it resulted due to extremely worrying deterioration of protocols on both sides. He termed it a wa­tershed moment in the history of the two countries. Professor Shen Ding Li expressed his views on the Chinese position and stressed that China was not looking for war and would not want to escalate further. He said that China would not com­promise and agree to the Indian per­ception of Line of Actual Control as well. He also emphasized the im­portance of strong Pak-China rela­tions. Lt. Gen. (Retd) Lodhi shared his insights on the military and op­erational significance of the crisis and stressed that the skirmish may seem tactical, but it may have strate­gic consequences. He explained the potential risks for Pakistan as well. Ambassador Jillani traced the his­tory of the China-India relationship and shared its linkage with the cur­rent crisis.

In his concluding remarks, Presi­dent CASS made a comparison of the Indian response to China and Paki­stan during Balakot crisis. He shared the concern that India may direct its misplaced anger towards Pakistan; nonetheless, it will not solve India’s China problem. He added that in an attempt to isolate Pakistan, India had isolated itself in this crisis.