KARACHI - TV host and former Muttahida Qaumi Movement lawmaker Aamir Liaquat Hussain on Monday announced to join Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

TV actor Abid Ali also joined the PTI on the occasion.

"We welcome Amir Liaquat and TV actor Abid Ali in PTI. The last six months before the polls are vital and we want people to join our political campaign,” said PTI Chairman Imran Khan at a press conference held at party leader Imran Ismail’s residence.

Expressing gratitude over the induction of media personalities in party ranks, Khan said it was a good sign that people from all walks of life were joining hands to support PTI. He said Amir was from Karachi and now being a member of the PTI, he would propagate the agenda of the party at every forum.

“We are fighting against the rule of a mafia in the country and I want Amir to play his role in PTI’s movement as he is a well-known personality among the people.” Turning guns towards Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shehbaz Sharif, Khan said Punjab government had done nothing in the southern region of the province despite allocation of more than 600billion development funds. The Punjab CM, after taking charge, was making money by carrying out so-called development in Lahore and he was claiming to transform the entire country like Lahore.

“I don’t consider this development as positive, for, I believe in progress of other sectors too like education, health, atmosphere and unemployment. I feel proud that PTI has played a key innings in KP province and kept promises to bring change in the system,” said Khan adding, that party was now eyeing to bring change in economical hub of the country.

He said Punjab CM was giving cosmetic touch to his development work by publishing advertisement in newspapers and it was a good sign that judiciary had taken notice of the unjustified used of funds.

To a query regarding Amir’s past remarks about PTI, Khan said, “I believe that if a person is trying to bring change in his personality, he should not be questioned about what he uttered in the past”.

Khan said Amir might not remember the time when Karachi was actually the city of lights. “People from different countries used to spend vacation here and even me spent time in Karachi to cheer myself. I promise if people of Karachi voted PTI to power, I will make Karachi a city of lights again,” vowed Khan.

Speaking on the occasion, Amir said he was already a member of the PTI since long but now he was making a formal announcement in this regard.

“I have settled in PTI now and hopefully it would be my last platform,” said Amir, adding, “I joined Pakistan, not Imran Khan.” He further said that Khan was struggling to eliminate corruption culture from country. “I feel proud to be part of Khan’s movement.”

He said yesterday a divided party held two public gatherings in city and the attendance confirmed that these people would stay at home as the people had rejected them in every way.

“I witnessed PTI’s public gathering in various parts of city yesterday for membership and I predict that PTI will clean sweep in all the constituencies of Karachi in general elections 2018.”

To another question, Amir said, “I was part of MQM in past but now I have settled myself in a right party which represents Pakistan and keeps Pakistan first. I am hopeful that this party will change picture of the entire country especially Karachi after coming to power.”

Speaking on the occasion, TV actor Abid Ali said that people of the country were tired of the corrupt politicians and they wanted a real change. PTI should be given a chance to rule the country as it carries the agenda of change and end of corruption culture from Pakistan,” he said.

Earlier in August 2016, Amir had announced to leave MQM and politics stating that he had gone fed up with the party and its function.

The former MQM leader during party protest against the Sindh government was seen active and expressed support to party founder Altaf Hussain but after Altaf’s anti-state speech on August 22, the scenario turned quite tough for Amir as he was taken in custody by paramilitary force Rangers for questioning and later was released. Since then Amir has been hosting shows on private TV channel whereas Pemra banned Amir from appearing on national TV channel for preaching hate. Amir has also served as a minister of state for religious affairs in Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz`s cabinet between 2004-2007, however, he was expelled from MQM in 2008 for violating party policy.