HAFIZABAD        -            The Deputy Commissioner Hafizabad Naveed Shahzad Mirza has made a novel method to create awareness to protect the masses from corona virus by singing a song which was made viral on social media as well as aired by different electronic channel. The citizens have lauded the efforts of the DC to create awareness to save them from this fatal virus.

The main theme of the song was that the masses should not be frightened by the pandemic disease but to take precautionary measures to protect them from this menace. He emphasized to get their hands washed intermittently and desist from hand shake, which, he said, were basic steps to stay safe from this virus.

Meanwhile, the DC has set up control rooms in his office and District Officer Health Dr. Munir Ahmad has been appointed as focal person. Similarly, control room has also been set up in Pindi Bhattian Tehsil and municipal corporation Hafizabad where the deputed personnel would be present round the clock.

He also ordered that all markets, shopping malls, hotels and restaurants should be closed by 10pm. Moreover marriage ceremonies had also been prohibited in residential houses. He also postponed all meetings of government officials. If necessary, the meetings would be held through video links, he added.

He called upon the citizens to cooperate with the administration for implementing government directives to save them from coronavirus. “we should act upon responsibly and desist from spreading rumours,” he advised.