Impeach usurpers, is the cry of the nation. We have been in the past, repeatedly forgetting and forgiving all the usurpers, and those who violated the constitution and wrecked all the institutions. A great blunder indeed on our part. The result: Pakistan is in deep morass up to our ears. We all agree. We have made a mess of Quaid's Pakistan in every field, may it be economics, politics, diplomatic, strategic and what not. We have spared no effort to distort Quaid-i-Azam's vision of Pakistan, as modern, dynamic, forward looking, democratic and secular. We have put his credo, "Unity, Faith and Discipline" on backburners only to be exploited as empty slogan on his birthdays. Who is to be blamed for this desperate, fast sinking morass that Pakistan finds itself in today? It is a million Dollar question, but the answer is simple We, are responsible for it. In the first place we the people of Pakistan, all of us, you, me and the people in the streets, we have all, wittingly or unwittingly contributed to this unpardonable sin against this bounty of the Almighty that He bestowed upon us as a miracle of the 20th century, through the undivided efforts of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. I am using the word "we", because no segment of national society can claim to be innocent. Pakistan's senior generation, in particular those who crossed borders in 1947 failed to educate Pakistan born Pakistanis the 'why' and 'how' Pakistan came into being and about the person who was in the vanguard of the struggle and carried the flag of this safe heaven for us. The blame rests with us all, the degree of guilt may vary from class to class, but deeds or misdeed of all segments are intertwined links of the chain finally responsible for this miserable state where globally, we are almost universally looked down upon and even dubbed as a 'failed state', which definitely we are not. We are a Nuclear Power; with abundant of talent and resources, where we lack is 'proper, selfless and competent leadership'. Why this dearth of competent leadership? At the time of independence, we inherited leadership limited both in numbers and experience and they all entirely depended on the sagacity, acumen and wisdom of one man, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Unfortunately, Pakistan lost the guidance of its founding father only after 13 months of its inception and this short period was also full of problems like setting up of the country's administration from scratch, influx of millions of refugees and their rehabilitation, lack of experienced technocrats and the like. Hardly within three years of the Quaid's departure for his heavenly abode, Pakistan's first prime minister was gunned down by a hired assassin through political intrigue believed to be backed by a superpower. The leadership void thus created started musical chairs for power amongst the intriguing politicians that eventually ended in Ayub Khan's military coup d'tat backed by the United States of America. It was the year 1958 and since then the USA has been overtly or covertly moulding the contours of Pakistan's politics. Military dictatorship suited the US objectives the most and as a result more than half of the life of Pakistan had been under the heels of the army. Four military dictators held sway over the country as against 23 prime ministers for about the same number of years. The army almost regularly after 10 years, appeared on the scene that may be termed as "Ten Years Military itch for power." Military dictators held unbridled powers when three of them were eventually disgracefully ousted by public wrath, and the fourth when considered redundant by his Pay Masters was completely charred sans his dentures in an air crash. The top military brass of the time, no doubt were the main culprits but selfish and unscrupulous politicians and the superior judiciary cannot be exonerated for their actions. The politicians to pick up the crumbs and be in the corridors of power rushed to ride the rising bandwagon, and the superior judiciary for their own ends invariably not only endorsed the extra-constitutional actions of the military dictators under the jargon of Doctrine of Necessity, but also gave them the authority even to mutilate the constitution. This act of the judiciary was simply shameful. It was during the times of military dictatorship that East Pakistan became Bangladesh, Pakistan lost Siachin with no remorse from the dictator whence he justified it saying that "it is a useless piece of land where even grass does not grow", the debacle of Kargil that brought Pakistan almost at the brink of nuclear strikers from India and then the one ominous telephone call from General Powell after 9/11 immediately made the commando dictator to bow to the demands of the State Department and agreed to fight the American "War Against Terror" as his own and allowed CIA and FBI to operate in the Frontier. The aftermath of "this" one telephone call to the commando, who was earlier shunned by President Clinton during his stop over in Pakistan in the year 2000 to shake hands and be photograph with, overnight became "tight buddy" of Clinton's successor. The all powerful commando president showed his muscles the day of May 12, 2007 Karachi holocaust and proudly acknowledged it by raising his clenched fist in a public meeting. He took commando action in Lal Masjid where according to his own admission 70 to 80 persons were killed as against couple of thousands killed as advertised by the media. He threatened to hit Nawab Akbar Bugti of Balochistan with a bullet that "he would not know from where it came from." Eventually he did that and killed Nawab Bugti. Such actions of the fourth, and I hope the last of the military dictators, president had a severe backlash that Pakistan suffers today in the FATA Area, Waziristan, Swat and Balochistan. The too frequent suicide bomb attacks, spilling over the country, are the direct revenge attacks of the 'drones' intrusions, tacitly permitted by the redoubtable commando in a secret understanding with the USA. The prevailing state of uncertainty, the ever increasing fear of Talibans spilling over the settled districts, all resulting in the deteriorating law and order conditions in Pakistan are the results of the nine years misrule of the commando president. No doubt he was eventually ousted by the public clamour but it was astonishing to see him depart walking through a guard of honour. It was simply shameful. A military officer who disregarding the 'oath' taken on commissioning staged a coup against a legitimately elected government, mutilated the constitution, got thousands of innocent people killed, sold hundreds of Pakistanis to the USA on demand, secretly allowed infringement of Pakistan's sovereignty by allowing CIA to work in its territory is still enjoying the comforts and security of the Army House. Despised by 90 percent of his fellow countrymen he is still at liberty, moves about freely and is being entertained by the remaining 10 percent sycophants that include some big political names of the past. A national criminal who should have been impeached under Article 6 of the constitution has the cheek to say: "I am again available to serve the country." Shame is upon us, our politicians and our fragile democracy. We faltered as early as October 27, 1947 when we failed to act, when the acting British C-in-C of the Pakistan Army was not dismissed for disobeying the command of the governor general to send troops to Kashmir to guide the tribal Lashkar to capture the Srinagar Airport. Prompt dismissal of the British C-in-C would have given a stern warning to all future adventurers, to desist from any extra-constitutional actions. As a result four military dictators at regular intervals ransacked the country unabatedly for 11, 3, 10 and 9 years respectively. The last one, a Sayed, who proudly claimed to "have the blessing of Allah to climb seven times to the roof of Kabba." True it must have been the blessing of the Almighty on his person, but some one should ask him: "Shah Sahib, how many paisas you had spent from your own pocket for this unique honour." It is not too late even now. We should keep in mind the truth and impeach the "tight buddy" of George Bush, for his crimes against Pakistan and its people. This is the universal cry of the people of Pakistan. He may not be a "poodle of Gorge Bush", but he has surely thrown us all, you and me, at the mercy of a pack of Alsatians in the shape of suicide attacks and Taliban's terror in the country. In the same vein, I would earnestly suggest to the chief justice to take suo moto notice of the crimes committed in the past, including those under Article-6 of the constitution and proceed against the violators of the constitution. The former three national criminals in this respect, may be prosecuted and impeached posthumously to set the records straight and that would serve as deterrent to any adventurer in the future. The writer is former ADC to Quaid-i-Azam