Islamabad-Adopting a dominant pose like sitting straight up can improve self-confidence in children and help them feel better at school, a study has concluded.

Researchers from Germany had 108 fourth-grade students’ complete psychological tests after either adopting power poses or less dominant and less assured bearings. The power poses included standing up and leaning against a table with arms spread wide and leaning back in a chair, arms behind the head and feet on a desk. The more withdrawn poses included slumping in a chair with legs together and standing, head-down, with arms and legs crossed. 

The team found that power poses temporarily boosted the kids’ moods and self-esteems in comparison to those who had adopted the more shrinking stances.

Furthermore, the tests indicated that the benefits of the confident poises were significantly pronounced when relating to questions around attending school. ‘Body language is not just about expressing feelings, it can also shape how a person feels,’ explained psychologist Robert Körner of Germany’s Martin Luther University — who examined the effects of so-called ‘power posing’ on feelings and self-esteem.