India has gone by default in the hands of notorious criminals who came to power with their own criminal writ, and both remained openly involved in their criminal activities including mass killings and murdering selected opponents through police encounters and highly-trained RSS agents. India has been invaded by RSS, headed by PM Modi and his old partner in crime; now the Home Minister and the architect of controversial laws against Indian Muslims and oppressed Kashmiri Muslims under curfew. It is only PM Modi who could have given such a highly sensitive portfolio of the Ministry of Home Affairs to a criminal.

Several journalists with a conscience were courageous enough to speak out against the gross violations by the Indian government, patronised by RSS during the engineered massacre of Muslims in Gujrat, following the Godhra train incident in 2002. I am quoting here the revelations made by well-known Indian investigative journalist Rana Ayyub, in her book “Gujarat Files: Anatomy of a Cover Up”. The crux of her investigation, pertaining to Amit Shah, now Union Home Minister of India, is as follows;

 “…the then Gujarat home minister, Amit Shah was involved in the killing of the three Muslims who were falsely accused of terrorism by accusing them of being members of ‘Lashkar-e-Taiba’. Three weeks later, Amit Shah was arrested on charges of orchestrating the killings. He was put into jail after a trial in 2014 for ordering the fake encounters of ‘Sohrabuddin Sheikh’, his wife ‘Kauserbi’ and murder of witness ‘Tulsiram Prajapati’. These three innocent Muslims were all killed in 2005 and 2006.”

Azam Khan, a contract killer, was given the contract to kill former Gujarat home minister Haren Pandya by police officer D G Vanzara in 2003. The murder of the former home minister still remains a mystery, as neither police nor CBI got themselves involved in this while his family kept calling it a political murder. In 2010, the sole testament and consistent witness of the case, Azam Khan, was also eliminated through assassination.

According to the investigations, when Shaikh and his wife Kauserbi were travelling from Hyderabad to Sangli in a bus in November, 2005, the Gujarat and Rajasthan police stopped them and shot them dead near Gandhinagar. The wife Kausarbi, was also allegedly raped by a sub-inspector before being murdered. The Gujarat police falsely claimed that Sheikh had links with Pakistani terror group Lashkar-e-Taiba, and that he had a plan to kill the chief minister of the time, Narendra Modi. However, a Special Investigation Team constituted by the Supreme Court later found that they had been killed in a fake encounter. On the other hand, Prajapati, being the sole witness of the murders, was also shot dead in police custody in December 2006. During investigation, the police claimed that he was trying to escape.

The first arrests made were of deputy inspector general D G Vanzara and Rajasthan police officer Dinesh MN. The Crime Investigation Department gathered phone calls records that revealed frequent phone calls of Amit Shah with D G Vanzara, Dinesh, superintendents of police Rajkumar Pandian and Vipul Kumar. The call records from September 2006 to January 2007 revealed that Amit Shah consistently remained in touch with D G Vanzara and Pandian during that short period of time around all three killings. The number of calls increased every time there were developments in the case. The Gujarat CID report pointed out that the frequency of these calls was unnatural and uncommon in nature as they were against the minister’s official protocol. The police officials involved in the encounter remained in jail since 2007 and were granted bail in 2014. After they were arrested, the investigating officer was transferred and the case was handed over to Inspector General Geeta Johri, who was later criticised by the Supreme Court for not conducting a fair investigation.

It is evident that all the witnesses were systematically eliminated through assassinations, and in each case, the police’s complicity was beyond doubt.

Essentially, Amit Shah used the police to kill Mr and Mrs Sheikh, and the eye witness.

It was extremely unfortunate that a sub-inspector, holding a position of trust, raped Mrs. Shiekh before murdering her. Unfortunately, he had full backing of Narendra Modi, who was then Chief Minister.

Ironically, Narendra Modi upon being sworn in as PM of India, rewarded Amit Shah by securing him a berth in his cabinet, as Union Home Minister, a position, where he has a free hand to commit murders and assassinations in the name of Hindutva.

The Narendra Modi and Amit Shah duo has earned the notorious title of ‘ranga billa’, implying that whosoever crosses their path, meets the fate of the witnesses and Judge Loya of the Gujrat massacre case.

Such was the terror of extra-judicial murders by the ‘Chankya of modern times’, Amit Shah, and the ‘Butcher of Gujrat’, Narendra Modi, that none dared to step up and give evidence against either.

Under the duress of then CM Gujrat, Narendra Modi, Rana Ayyub was prevented to publish her findings in the then famous exposé magazine Tehlka, that demonstrated Narendra Modi’s central dominating role in the massacre.

A sole witness of Narendra Modi’s involvement in the massacre was Sanjiv Bhatt, a former Indian Police Service officer from Gujarat. He is known for his role in filing an affidavit on April 11, 2011 in the Supreme Court of India against the then Chief Minister of the Government of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, concerning Modi’s alleged role in the 2002 Gujarat riots.


He claimed to have attended a meeting at Modi’s residence, during which Modi allegedly asked top police officials to let Hindus vent their anger against the Muslims.


After the 2002 riots, a group of social activists had formed the Concerned Citizens Tribunal to analyse the riots. Gujarat’s home minister Haren Pandya (who was mysteriously killed later) had allegedly told this tribunal that Modi had organised a meeting of several police officers on 27 February 2002 after the Godhra train burning, in which over 63 Hindu pilgrims had died. Pandya claimed that, in this meeting, Modi had asked the police officials not to come in the way of “the Hindu backlash against Muslims”. Pandya had named several police officials who attended this meeting and he was later assassinated by unidentified men.

Bhatt in his affidavit, had mentioned six witnesses, who could testify his presence in the alleged meeting held at Modi’s residence but later-on, KD Panth, the prime witness was turned hostile to help Modi escape any negative outcome. Bhatt was suspended on August 8, 2011 by the Gujarat government, accusing him of unauthorised absence from duty. He was contacted many times by Amit Shah and Modi’s agents to destroy all the evidence against them. Eventually, he was dismissed from police service on the basis of the same grounds of “unauthorized absence” in August 2015. Apparently, the witness is still alive, and may be willing to provide evidence if protection is assured to him.

The above pattern of violations by RSS, BJP, Indian Government of Modi clearly suggests beyond any doubt that the present Indian state under Prime Minister Modi are bent upon increasing religious violations against Muslims, forcing them to either convert or get ready to be killed.

To meet the ends of justice, it is important that, investigative journalist, Ms Rana Ayyub, along with other living witnesses must be invited by some international forum to offer their evidence and reveal the facts that led to the carnage at Gujrat, now remembered as the Muslim Massacre. It will be in the interest of justice if the head of the Aam Aadmi Party Mr Arvind Kejriwal is also called as a witness along with other victims, who suffered at the hands of RSS, to record the statements before the same forum.

The downgrading of India to “Countries of Particular Concern (CPC)” through the 2020 USCIRF report, is insufficient to convince India to cease the atrocities unleashed through RSS and Hindutva, against Muslims and Minorities in India.

Besides the above brutalities and criminal activities, both are continuing to carry out religious violations against oppressed Kashmiris unhindered, as Kashmiri Muslims are now subject to torture by Indian troops under curfew since the last seven months.

Their only fault is that they are Muslims and are voicing for their right of self determination. Will anybody from the world answer their calls?

I intend to write to the relevant forums, including the US Commission on International Religious Freedom to examine the criminal role of these old partners involved in crimes against humanity in the light of new evidence.

I urge the international community to form a high-powered commission in the interest of humanity, and religious freedom, maybe proposed by the UN, to investigate these violations, and to place India under international sanctions until the right of life of Muslims and other minorities is ensured. PM Modi has ordered violations at the LoC to divert the international attention from IOK and his political blunders, leading to massive unrest in India. Both partners in crime are upset with new evidence as it may lead to their trials as war criminals in the International Criminal Court.

These are my own views and do not necessarily represent the views of my party.

Senator Rehman Malik

The writer is a PPP Senator, former Interior Minister of Pakistan, and Chairman of think tank “Global Eye” and Senate Standing Committee on Interior. He can be reached at:, Twitter