LAHORE - The Cabinet Division has refused to give the Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif its helicopter which he needs for his upcoming visit to the flood-affected areas. His own chopper was grounded three months ago because of some technical fault. According to sources, officials have yet to decide where to send the chopper for repair. Meanwhile, an ISI helicopter that developed some fault four days back was sent to Russia and is expected to get functional by the end of this month. The Punjab Chief Secretary sent a letter to the Defence Ministry requesting that the CMs chopper be sent for repair to Army Aviation or Air Force workshop in Karachi. However, he was informed that the Army Aviation did not have the required facilities. The Punjab Chief Minister had been asking for a helicopter for a visit to the flood-affected areas. However, every time the request was declined on the pretext that the President, the Prime Minister or somebody was scheduled to use the chopper during the same days. The Punjab bureaucracy is divided on the subject. They are setting up committees to delay the matter. However, officials are in contact with various international companies for their 'commissions, it has been learnt. It is said that the conversation of an official with an international company has been tapped. He reportedly asked for commission from the company. The helicopter to be sent by the Army Aviation will cost about Rs 200 million. Another $150,000 will be required for parking fee.