LAHORE - Our TV drama was not on the right path because substandard dramas were being produced these days. As the drama was being made on contract system so every thing being used for the drama was inferior. This was stated by ace TV and film actor Nauman Ejaz in an interview with The Nation on Thursday. Nauman said our drama producer making drama with bad intention due to inflated prices of every thing. The producer asks his writer to write 16-episodes serial but beside he also asks him those episodes should be consisted on 20episodes. Besides, the producer also not pays full payments of his drama actors, then how the good work would be done, Nauman stressed. The producer was not interested in good work. When he comes on the set he doesnt ask about the work, he asks 'I needed 20 scenes. And if we were delivering best performance in these circumstances then we should be saluted, Nauman stressed. Nauman said the producers treat us like the animals and extracted work from us like animals but he doesnt give us our dues properly. Even he doesnt give us meal on time when we feel hungry. Then how artistes would deliver good work with empty belly. So, the work was not being done with honesty, rather every thing was done with the bad intention. We can find romance in every thing of the life. The roles which I performed had different shades and different colours. The roles which I adopts on myself were all based on good intention and the God helps me in performing those roles, Nauman maintained. Nauman very liberally said 'my all seniors were very respectful to me, because what I was doing was due to my seniors. Nauman said my seniors Uzma Gilani, Qavi Khan, Farooq Zamir, Khayyam Sarhadi, Masood Akhtar, Talat Hussain, Fardous Jamal, Roohi Bano, Arifa Siddiqui, Khalida Riyasat, Saba Pervez, Robina Ashraf, Zeb Rahman and all other seniors were my institutions and universities. When I performed a role I takes different colours from my these universities. The present lot of actresses including Amna Shaikh, Saba Qamar, Aysha Khan, Sanam Baolch and Mehwish Hayat was very brilliant. They have good potential of talent. The producers should use the talent of new artistes with the senior artistes so that the new artistes can learn from the experience of the senior artistes. Working in film 'Virsa was a good experience. I enjoyed very much while performing in this film, Nauman revealed. Nauman said he has been working in showbiz world for the last 22 years. Whenever I produced a drama I did not mention my name as producer, Nauman told. He revealed in future he would produce dramas but he will produce alone as producer and no other producer would accompany me because I can not tell a lie as producer. Nauman said when he finishes his work he goes straight to his house and like to spend time with his wife and three kids because they were very dear to me. Nauman said whenever film will be offered to him, he would definitely do the film. On a question Nauman said he had left Syed Noors film 'Ghoongat due to the low payment. He said he strongly believes that respect, wealth and popularity come from the God and nobody can snatch these things from any body. Nauman said Pakistan film industry had lost its glory due to ill-plannings and wrong-doings. He said Shabab Kiranvi, Agha G.A Gul, Syed Shaukat Hussain Rizvi and Malik Bari had left the empires in shapes of big studios but their successors could not maintain their empires due to wrong plannings. This was the reason today these studios presented a deserted look. These big personalities were the emperors of their empires and the film making was the job of the emperors. But now the film making had been handed over to the beggars, Nauman deplored. He said the Indian film industry was far ahead from our industry and we should think over the matter that how they had made their market in the world. He said the Indian film industry was so big that a Hollywood artiste even play a minor role in their films. Nauman said nobody had ever offered him role from the Indian side, if a film would be offered from Indian side, then he would definitely do that. Nauman performed in unaccountable TV serials. These days his dramas 'Mein Mar Gai Shaukat Ali, 'Jeena To Hai and others were being aired from different TV channels.