LAHORE - PAT chief Dr Tahirul Qadri has announced launching the efforts for the formation of a national government to carry out ruthless accountability before holding of fresh elections, saying that his party will contest polls even if they are called prematurely.

Addressing a public meeting at Minar-e-Pakistan on Sunday, he asked his supporters to get ready for the midterm elections if the same are called in next three months though there were no imminent chances of too an early elections.

PAT chief rejecting the unconfirmed reports of making a deal with the government for settling the matter of Model Town incident through blood money said, “We will avenge the blood of our martyrs through courts and the matter will not be resolved through blood money at any cost. We will get Qisas, and Diyat will not be accepted.”

The PAT leader said, “We will not allow more Raymond Davis in the country and will not settle the issue of our martyrs through blood money and we want the killers of our workers to be hanged through court of law.”

In his 93-minute address to thousands of charged participants of the public meeting, which is part of his Inqilaab campaign, Dr Qadri elaborated his vision for Pakistan if his party is voted to power. He also said that the Inqilaab public meetings would continue across the country and announced launch of party’s membership drive through short service message (SMS).

He claimed: The people of Lahore have given their verdict in PAT’s ‘referendum for revolution’ and today’s mammoth gathering has rejected the claims of PML-N on Lahore; from now on the Heart of Punjab has become the City of PAT.

Unveiling his 10-point vision for the country if PAT is voted to power, Qadri said, “PAT government will provide home to all homeless and bread to the needy. Job opportunities for all sections of the society regardless of their class will be ensured but priority will be given to the poor, he added.

Food items and eatables will be provided on half price to the poor. No taxes will be imposed on energy bills of the citizens getting salary less than Rs15,000, besides providing them subsidies on all necessities of daily life. Subsidies will be given to the farmers holding 5 or less than 5 acres of land besides free electricity.

Education and health facilities will be provided to all, besides provision of justice facilities to the poor. Terrorism, sectarianism and extremism will be rooted out from the country.

By establishing the local government system starting from district assembly down to union council assembly, the administrative power will be devolved to the grassroots level, besides dividing Punjab into at least seven to nine administrative units for better governance.”

Employing 12 modes for generating energy, Dr Qadri claimed that he would end the energy crisis in two to three years if elected. He added that the local government would be responsible for generating electricity by employing one of the twelve modes and collection of bills, while the white elephant - Wapda - would be disbanded, as it was doing no good. Dr Qadri said projects of 25MW will be installed on small canals in villages and towns to resolve the energy crisis.

He claimed that PAT government would create ample opportunities to exploit the human resource at home and not let them fly to other countries. He claimed: The world will say that there is no Asia without Pakistan if I will get the opportunity to transform the country into a progressing state.

PAT chief maintained that he would make good use of all the resources of the country to meet the needs of the people and make it a golden state. He said, “All sorts of ‘Isms’ have been tested in Pakistan and they failed, and we need only ‘Quaid-i-Azamism’ which can transform Pakistan into a real Islamic welfare state and I will transform Pakistan into Quaid-i-Azam’s Pakistan.”

Dr Qadri said he would make Pakistan more powerful than G-7 states in terms of economic force and Pakistan would become a necessity for the economic ambitions of all our important neighbours including India, China and Iran.

Calling the Minar-e-Pakistan public meeting an extension of Islamabad sit-in of Inqilaab march, he announced that this drive would cover all the major cities of the country and continue till achieving the goals of the revolution drive.

He also launched countrywide PAT membership drive on this occasion through a short service message (SMS) number. Announcing a phone number, he said that anyone could become member of the PAT by sending an SMS on the number by providing details of district and national identity card.

Citing a newspaper report, Dr Qadri claimed that government imported thousands of poisonous teargas shells for dealing with PAT’s revolution march and sit-in at the federal capital. He claimed that rulers wanted to turn the country into a colony of foreign multi-nationals or repeat the history of East India Company and they should be dislodged at the earliest before they hand over the entire Pakistan on contract.

Dr Qadri claimed that the price of the electricity per unit was Rs3 in Musharraf’s regime, while in PPP era, the tariff was Rs7.50, but it had been raised to Rs15 per unit by the incumbent rulers. According to government’s own report, Pakistan’s requirement will be 35,000MW by 2017 while all the government’s 9 projects combined will produce only 5094MW.

Instead of talking about their corruption in these projects I will instead provide solution to this problem, Dr. Qadri said. The solution is to devolve the power to smaller units. “I want to divide Punjab into 9 units”, he said. When smaller units will have administrative sovereignty, they will be able to use all their resources by themselves. This devolution of power and electricity generation have strong correlation, Qadri said. He said he will generate power by 12 different methods including solar, wind, hydro and other sources.

He thanked his partners PML-Q, Sunni Ittehad Council (SIC) and Majlis Wahdatul Muslimeen (MWM) leaders for staging a good show at stronghold of the PML-N.


Member Punjab Assembly Syed Zaeem Hussain Qadri has said that Lahorites have rejected the so-called revolutionary public meeting of Awami Tehrik.

In a statement issued here on Sunday, Zaeem Qadri said that Lahore is the bastion of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and today Lahorites have also proved it. He said that democracy is the only way to come into power. He asked Tahirul Qadri to take part in 2018 elections and his popularity among the people will expose.

Commenting upon the statement of Tahirul Qadri, Zaeem Qadri said that Q-League always sinks that boat to which it rides. He said that despite support of Chaudhry Brothers those holding revolutionary public meeting have faced humiliation. He said that alliance of Q-League with Awami Tehrik is equal to zero plus zero. Zaeem Qadri said that people are fully aware of those who serve them and those who make lip service.

Zaeem Qadri said that those believing in undemocratic values do not bring revolution but create chaos. He said that the so-called revolutionaries are trying to hoodwink the people.

Syed Zaeem Qadri said that after failure of London Plan, differences between Chaudhry Brothers and Tahirul Qadri have surfaced. Why those spending millions of rupees on sit-ins and public meetings do not think of IDPs and flood affectees, he questioned.

Zaeem Qadri said that service to the people and their welfare is the top most agenda of PML-N. He said that what service Tahirul Qadri is doing by jeopardising the projects aimed at eliminating darkness from the country. He said, in fact, sit-in cousins are enemy of the development of the country.