Rawalpindi-A mega private hospital of the city offering dialysis healthcare facility has been alleged by citizens for minting money at the cost of public healthcare, The Nation learnt on Monday.

In the heart of the Rawalpindi Cantonment, a shopping mall has been converted into a mega hospital which is allegedly offering healthcare facilities in violation of required medical standards.

The hospital administration though charges heavy fee from the patients visiting, however it has created a health threat for the public by violating basic rules necessary for critical ailments like renal diseases, dialysis, and emergency.

People visiting the hospital have written and sent complaints to the ‘Punjab HealthCare Commission (PHCC)’ and Cantt Board authorities, to look into complaints and take action against the hospital as they had to pay a price in the name of health.

A resident of Rawalpindi, Najeeb-ur-Rehman, lodged a complaint with the PHCC alleging that her mother was getting dialysis from this hospital, where mismanagement and lack of professionalism risked her mother’s life.

He claimed her mother was taking renal treatment for months and came to know that the medical staff hired in the private hospital did not have required medical qualification.

“Name of the professor was also being used without their consent,” the complainant wrote.

It said that while giving the medical treatment, the hospital has not even maintained the required distance between patients which is compulsory to contain the possible spread threat of Hepatitis B-C. 

The emergency and dialysis are being done in the same place without any distance while there is no washroom facility. Another complainant, Munir-ul-Hassan Magray from Azad Kashmir alleged that he brought his nephew in critical condition in this private hospital and got admitted on the recommendation of doctor.

“The hospital lab after conducting tests reported stone in his kidney and liver, however the doctors asked to take a test again from another lab not of the hospital which conflicted with the hospital lab result reports,” said the written complaint.

He said he complained to the management of the private hospital that he had to bear extra expenses because of the wrong results of the hospital lab so he must be refunded the charges. But the hospital management refused.

He demanded from the government health authorities to help him refund the charges he paid to the hospital.

Officials informed that the PHCC had also conducted two inspections of the hospital and noted deficiencies.

Officials also said that conversion of a shopping plaza into a tertiary care hospital was also a dubious matter where healthcare services like dialysis, cardiac bypass heart valves surgeries and endoscopies were being performed without determining the category.

Hospital staff said that personal victimisation of the professional staff and hiring of unqualified staff was being done by the administration to save money, but it is costing on public healthcare.

Hospital Chief Executive Officer Pervez Sheikh talking to The Nation denied irregularities in the hospital functions. He said, “public complaints cannot be denied but hospitals are following all rules and regulations.”

He also said that all building laws were followed while converting a shopping plaza into the hospital, while hospital staff hired were also properly qualified.

Spokesperson PHCC Amir Waqas talking to The Nation said that the private hospitals are inspected by the authority on complaints filed and on a regular basis as well.