ISLAMABAD - Helplines of the Youth Affairs Ministry established with a purpose to facilitate youngsters as well asF general public regarding Ministrys programmes have been out of order since long thus causing difficulties for people especially for youth. Youngsters who had applied for the Ministrys mega project of the NIP and eagerly waiting for announcement of their induction in this project are now getting fed up due to relaxed attitude of the concerned officials in this regard. As it has been learnt form the youngsters, who had applied for the NIP, that there is no helpline to get information with regard to any matter related to the Ministry. They also said that often they tried to contact on the available numbers of the Ministrys office for getting information regarding their induction for the NIP but of no avail. Around six to seven months back, an official closed to the developments reliably informed that the Youth Ministry had six hiplines, but now all these have been closed. When approached, official of the Youth Ministry claimed that they were going to announce about selected candidates of the NIP within two weeks. On a question, he said that they had inclusive helpline for the purpose of facilitating youth.