Another boy was abducted from Punjab’s Kasur district on Thursday night, just days after the bodies of three out of four missing children were discovered in the Chunian locality.

Reports say motorcyclists attempted to abduct two boys from the city's premises, but after being tailed, were forced to leave one of them behind.

The child was admitted to a hospital where police said has been recording his statement.

The police are still looking for leads as to the whereabouts of the second child.

This kidnapping case comes only days after the bodies of three of four missing children were found, all four boys. Medical examination holds that they were raped before being killed, and then later buried underground.

The police said that 12-year-old Imran of Rana Town had gone missing on June 1, eight-year-old Ali Hasnain and nine-year-old Salman in August, and eight-year-old Faizan on September 16. 

Only Faizan's complete body was recovered, whereas the bones of the remaining two were recovered from sand dunes in the Chunian Industrial Area.

Although only Faizan was identified since his complete body was recovered, police are waiting for DNA reports to confirm the identities for the other two victims.