I would like to alert the authorities concerned to the fact that milkmen in Qasimabad, Hyderabad Sindh are selling poisonous milk to their customer. Hundred of milk shops are their very few are registered. They add, washing powder, shampoo, detergent and urea to increase the quantity of milk. However, formaldehyde is also being used to preserved milk from spoiling. Formaldehyde is a chemical which is made of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon. Formaldehyde is carcinogenic agent it is used in cosmetic products and to preserve dead body of humans and animals for decaying.

Whereas, dairy farms used oxytocin injection to animals for increasing the quantity of milk up to 20 to 30 per cent. In fact, Pakistan is fifth largest producer of milk in the world with annually production of 28 billion liters. Medical experts believes that, this adulterated milk is highly hazardous to human health and lead to kidney failure, Hepatitis, heart disease, cancer, stomach tumor, asthma, nausea, pneumonia and allergic reactions.

I request to Sindh Food Authority and livestock department to take stern action against the such milkmen as well as sample of milk should be collected from various milk shops for testing, whether the milk is fit for human consumption or not. likewise, Punjab Food Authority, SFA must follow the same paradigm to curb the adulteration of milk.


Khairpur Mir’s.