MULTAN - Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar on Saturday said that a group of rejected elements is gathering under the banner of All Parties Conference (APC) to safeguard their personal al interests and the loot and corruption. While talking to PTI leaders in Multan, he said that the gathering of opposition parties was not meant for the masses rather they were going to unite to protect their corruption. He said that the opposition did not have any public welfare agenda. 

“The elements, who rejected by the masses, have lost their wits after seeing the country heading towards the right direction,” he added. He said that the people of Pakistan were sensible enough to identify the designs of these parties and they knew that they had looted national exchequer and ruined national economy during their past regimes. 

He said that the opposition leaders advocating the idea of APC were not sincere to even one another and this APC would also fail like the previous once. 

Earlier, the CM reviewed progress in development projects currently underway in South Punjab during a meeting held at Circuit House. He sought report from the concerned officials on demands made by the people during his visits to Vehari, Multan, Barthi and Fazila. 

He stressed upon the provincial secretaries appointed at the South Punjab secretariat to keep their doors open for the masses and seriously consider the proposals and recommendations made by the public representatives. “Work day and night and resolve the public’s problem here. They must not need to travel to Lahore from now on,” he added. 

He declared that he would hold a follow up meeting to review progress in the projects. He directed police authorities to resume police patrolling in far flung areas of Dera Ghazi Khan. He asked the officers to improve their connection with the masses and make public service a goal of their lives. 

Meanwhile, the CM visited Aafi Bund, a far flung area of Koh Suleman, and talked to the people to inquire about their problems. He announced a picnic point and a school for the area and directed the authorities to install a water tank there to ensure water availability. He said that water supply and sewerage schemes would be launched in the area. He said that he got Chief Minister’s position to uplift undeveloped areas like Aafi. He assured the residents that the road leading to the area from Basti Zain would be declared a public path. Also, the people cheered up to see the Usman Buzdar among them as he was the first Chief Minister to visit Aafi in the history of the area.