4-days ‘Chilam Joshi spring festival’ preparations in full swing

ISLAMABAD – A huge number of tourists including foreigners from all over the world would participate in the traditional four-day ‘Chilam Joshi spring festival’ of Kalash valley next month where preparations for the upcoming festival are in full swing. Chilam Joshi is the most important festival celebrated in May for four days and attracts visitors from all over the world.
The celebrations would highlight their cultural richness, a plethora of colors, and the underlying message of peace said a report aired by a private news channel. Preparations have already kicked off for the festival in all the three valleys that including the renovation of houses and tailoring of traditional dresses as well a collection of ingredients to cook special cuisines for the occasion. During the festival, the Kalasha people would seek the blessing of their God and pray for the safety of the herds and crops of the community. The women would be dressed up in traditional clothes of vibrant colors, gold and silver jewelry, and elaborate headgear. Men wear traditional Shalwar Kameez with a woolen waistcoat. The Kalash women and men dance and sing in a circle on the rhythmical chant of drum beats.
A local said like every year this year too foreign tourists would also reach the valleys to enjoy the colorful event of the primitive people and a number of dignitaries were also scheduled to arrive there. He added that special arrangements were made to restore vehicular traffic on the valley roads in case those were blocked by natural hazards. The annual festival brought smiles to the faces of the unmarried Kalasha boys and girls who have time to choose their life partners during the festival.

On the last day of the festival, they will announce their names as life partners.

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