Imran dividing country at a time of extreme fragility: Sherry

ISLAMABAD    –   Vice President Pakistan People’s Party Sherry Rehman yesterday said former prime minister Imran Khan’s ‘revolution’ was driven by megalomania. “What is Khan’s revolution? Let’s just call it a fascist search for personal power irrespective of what he sows in its wake,” she said.

The PPP leader, who is also the federal minister for climate change, said Khan cannot defend his protests “driven by megalomania by calling it revolution or Jihad.”

“His weaponisation of a toxic mix of hyper nationalism garnished with doses of inflammatory extremism is designed to appeal to a mix of malcontents including armchair revolutionaries and WhatsApp warriors, but it’s really the dark face of a cult driven fascism that he is promoting,” she said, reacting to Khan’s speeches.

The PPP leader said “in his naked and unalloyed search for power without responsibility,” Khan was dividing the country at a time of extreme fragility.  “He has repeatedly disregarded the constitution and the institutions which uphold it. What is worse is he has created a non-stop container for himself which just eats up air time but gives no program or plan to take the country out of the multiple crises he has plunged Pakistan into,” she contended. She added: “Imran Khan wants to bring us to the brink of civil war for the sake of his addiction to power, or actually it’s trappings. The country is staggering from power cuts and economic vulnerability due to their epic mismanagement, and people are being incited to violence against their own countrymen. You cannot be in power and spend your time blaming others, you need to work for the people. Contrary to Khan’s faulty belief, being in power means caring about the price of tomatoes, and trying to see that no one sleeps hungry.”

She said Khan’s conspiracy mandate has been disproven and he is calling for reelections. “No one is disagreeing with elections, quite the contrary, we are making sure that they are held after the needed reforms are done.

He cannot palate that there is a law in the country that he is not above because Khan’s ouster was quite obviously constitutional but he is unwilling to accept that. He is willing to burn down the country for the sake of his ego,” she maintained.

The PPP leader said Imran Khan had tried to bring the country to its knees. His constant conspiracy rhetoric was a wrecking ball to our foreign relations.

“Economically Pakistan has never been in a worse state. It is going to take time and effort to correct his errors. Inflation skyrocketed, public debt went through the roof and crossed a threshold it never had, while the cost of living became unbearable. His arrogance didn’t let him go to the IMF at the right time, instead he went to a point where we were in dire need of a bailout on very unfavourable terms. There has been nothing but polarisation instead of progress in the 3.5 years of his tenure,” she further said.

Sherry Rehman said it was abundantly clear Khan has no care for Pakistan or its people. “All he wants is to come into power; for that, he is willing to do anything. Khan and his hooligans are in a constant struggle to come into power, but the question is what will they do if they come back? Plunge the country further into this crisis? Khan is like a little child whose toy has been snatched from him. He needs to be reminded Pakistan is not a toy. And it is certainly not his playpen.”

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