Power supply breakdown affects 26 feeders of HESCO: Spokesman

HYDERABAD – A power supply breakdown affected 26 feeders of 11KV of Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO) on Sunday, affecting the electric supply for several hours in many parts of Hyderabad. The company’s spokesman Sadiq Kubar informed that the HESCO suspended the power supply from 132KV Qasimabad Grid Station from 6 am to 10 am for routine maintenance works. He added that when the supply was restored at 11.30 am a power circuit at Hala Naka tripped at its tower number 3. Kubar told that Qasimabad grid was being supplied power only from the Hala Naka circuit because the supply to the grid from Jamshoro circuit was already stopped due to a technical fault. After the tripping both the sources of the power supply to Qasimabad were broken which resulted in the suspension of the power supply to 26 feeders. However, later before the evening the supply from Jamshoro circuit was restored. He said the company apologized to the consumers for the problem.



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