Saim Ali – an emerging star of Pakistan drama industry

Saim Ali has been part of some major block buster dramas recently back to back, we saw him in BUDDUA as kamran playing an obedient son and a genuine lover, then he became part of outstanding drama series ANGNA as ASAD MEHNAAJ and gaining love of the audience, now we also see him in Hum tv drama series BICHOO in the most strong character of the story as Mikaal where again he is playing a lover with just one sided love for his cousin who is already married to someone, also being manipulated by his mother to marry his other cousin for property.

Saim Ali definitely spreads different shades of characters and gaining a lot of love from the audience, on the other hand, this multi-talented actor is always giving us major fashion tips as a fashion influencer, he is definitely the finest dose of fashion and we do look up to his Instagram for some fab fashion looks.

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