Health experts criticise prize competitions by tobacco industry

ISLAMABAD – The Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (SPARC) highlighted the deceptively dangerous marketing tactics of tobacco industry to attract the youth.
The press release titled “Tobacco Money is Blood Money” was shared in the wake of a global competition organised by the biggest tobacco company in the world to recruit youngsters as future employees and customers.
Malik Imran Ahmed, Country Head, Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids (CTFK) highlighted that major tobacco companies now spend $9.1 billion per year nearly $25 million every day to promote their products, and many of their marketing efforts directly reach youth across the world. Due to influence in policy making and deceptive marketing tactics of tobacco industry, tobacco consumption is not decreasing in Pakistan.
Malik Imran expressed, “It is irrational to think that an industry which is responsible for loss of 170,000 lives and Rs615 billion every year in Pakistan, will willingly contribute to the career development of youth. A key reason the industry is able to organise such campaigns and offer lucrative incentives to youth, is the low taxation policies it enjoys in many countries,” said a press release issued here on Wednesday.
Khalil Ahmed Dogar, Program Manager SPARC, stated, “Youth are the biggest victims of tobacco industry. Due to cheap and easy affordability, around 1,200 Pakistani children between the ages of 6-15 years start smoking every day.”
He stated, “It is imperative that youth across the country is informed about the deceptive tactics of the tobacco industry. This competition, much like others, is a deceptive attempt to deviate people’s attention from the tactics which tobacco industry has applied all over the world to make profit at expense of public health. The devastating harm to societies and families created by tobacco-related death and disease far outweighs any prize money tobacco companies can provide.”
Shariq Mahmood Khan, CEO, Chromatic Trust, stated the government needs to take a lead in this issue and confront the tobacco industry head on.
He stated, “Pakistan is a signatory of WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control which has repeatedly recommended Pakistan to tighten the grip on tobacco industry. The government needs to implement FCTC recommendations which will not only reduce tobacco consumption but also generate much needed revenue for the country. Similarly, the government needs to invest in education and employment programs so that our youth doesn’t get attracted to such deceptive campaigns.”

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