“World Music Day” celebrated by ACP Karachi

KARACHI – The Arts Council of Pakistan (ACP) Karachi organised a colorful musical program on the occasion of “World Music Day” here at Juan Elia Lawn, featuring open mics of various musical groups including Sound of Kolachi, Jambros, Cosmic Fluid and Auj Band.
The performances tied the knot, with students from the Arts Council Music Acad-emy performing alongside renowned singers, and participants flocked to the sur-real fusion of pop and rock, classical and Sufi music, said the statement released on Wednesday. Speaking on the occasion, Special Program Director Ahsan Bari said that the pur-pose of the musical program was to highlight the importance of music.
Imran Momina (Immu), Ahsan Bari, Director Music Academy Afaq Adnan, Aziz Qazi, and Shams-ul-Aarfeen performed on stage while Samir Hamza, Shuja Has-san, Noman Ali Sheikh, Arsalan Malik and Huzaifa from Jambros Band performed.
In addition, Hira Bakali, Neha Fahim Khan, Shoaib Ali, Atiq Sawan, and young Zar-ion Rauf and others evoked the magic of their voices, while Ahsan Obaid played the keyboard, Shiraz played the drums and Hunain Lakhani, Sajjad Ali, Sameer Hamza and Neeraj performed to win the hearts of the audience by playing the best guitar.
The Arts council of Pakistan Karachi`s Art school students pay tribute to the world famous singers.
They paints different portraits of famous music Mistroes like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Ghulam Farid Sabri, Aziz Mian Qawal, AR Rehman, Ella Fitzgerald, Michael Jackson.
The students, who exhibited their art, included Habiba Mujeeb-ur-Rehman, Zarnab, Yasir, Jawwad Jan, Kiran Aslam, Wasama, Zeenat, Jawwad Hussain and Uzma.

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