Malicious Tactics

On Wednesday, the Pakistan Foreign Office (FO) categorically rejected India’s desperate and malicious attempts at linking a Pakistani organisation to the suspects involved in the alleged murder of a Hindu tailor in Udaipur. This is of course another sad attempt at deflecting attention away from the communal unrest that is unfolding across the country because of the BJP government’s problematic use of religion to further its politics.
The FO is right in saying that such moves are characteristic of New Delhi’s attempts at maligning Pakistan, including by externalising blame for its internal issues. It is unfortunate to see how the current regime in India is incapable of introspection and realising how its actions have exacerbated communal tensions over the years. Instead, it chooses to continue its longstanding policy of seeking to isolate Pakistan by pushing out baseless propaganda.
The situation in India is quite tense following this episode, as a large number of security personnel have been deployed in different parts of the country due to protests and threats of violence. This incident of course is linked to the hurtful and insensitive remarks of BJP members that caused outrage across the Muslim world last month. Something of this sort was bound to happen given how the BJP government reacted to this incident domestically, even though it put on a façade of regret and tolerance in front of the international community.
Right-wing Hindu groups are charged and reports reveal that people on motorcycles have been waving saffron flags. The situation could very well escalate further and result in communal clashes across the country. It is important to remember that religious riots back in 2020 left 53 people dead in New Delhi.
The Indian government, however, appears to be indifferent to any adverse consequences its policies are having on the social fabric of the country. Perhaps it is Pakistan that must consider going on the offensive and warn the international community of how the BJP’s anti-Muslim agenda is threatening to engulf the entire country in the fire of extremism and violence, which will have consequences that will inevitably extend beyond its borders.

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