CAA fails to make country’s airports birds-free

The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority has failed to save country’s airports from the onslaught of birds as there were 30 bird-hit incidents reported this year with bulk of them happened at Lahore airport.

It has been observed that the CAA has failed to make country’s airports birds-free. All along the runway, there is always a flock of birds flying in the air which is threating lives of air passengers and damage to the aircraft.

As many as 30 bird-hit incidents were reported from January till June this year and most of the incidents happened at Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore.

As per the breakdown, 5 bird-hit incidents were reported at Karachi airport; 11 at Lahore airport; 3 at Quetta airport; 6 at Islamabad airport; 2 at Peshawar airport; 1 at Sialkot airport; and 1 at Damam airport.

The airplanes which were hit by birds included three ART planes; 23 K-320 airbuses; and four aircrafts of Boing 777. Among these, three planes suffered financial loss while 27 aircrafts did not suffer any damage.

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