Climatic changes affect indigenous practice of utilizing rain water in arid areas of KP

Septuagenarian Kalam Bibi, a resident of an arid area Abdul Khel of Lakki Marwat, has spent her whole life by continuing the inherited practice of storing rain water in ponds at home to fulfill water related needs of family, but abnormal reduction in precipitation due to climatic changes turned her primitive and economical source of water accumulation as redundant, causing severe mental stress to the elderly lady and her offspring.

“Water scarcity is not a new problem as we have become used to with utilization of limited amount of commodity for our household affairs, but acute shortage due to reduction in rain is creating serious problem for us,” said Kalam Bibi.

Lack of rain compelled family of Kalam Bibi to arrange water tankers for filling house tanks, a practice not only new for the elderly lady but also out of the afford of her family to pay for water accumulation.

It’s out of our range to pay Rs. 2000 for each water tanker after ten days for filling tanks set up in basement and we are very much concerned as how our basic needs will be fulfilled with such a limited financial resources and sever rain shortage, Kalam Bibi shared her concern.

“This year there was no rain and majority of people in areas like Abdul Khel and its adjacent villages are compelled to arrange water through payment which is a sever burden on their pockets,” comments Shadi Khan, a senior journalist of Lakki Marwat.

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