Rescue Operation Launched for Missing French Paraglider in Hunza

A search and rescue operation has been launched in the picturesque valley of Hunza to find a French paraglider, who has been reported as missing after jumping with his parachute in Duikar village on Saturday.

Army is also participating in the search operation. Karrar Haidri of Alpine Club of Pakistan said that French paraglider Savall Xavier had arrived in Hunza late last month.

Together with two Spanish paragliders, they hoped to soar over villages and hamlets through the Hunza valley.

For this, they travelled to Duikar village. At around 4pm on Saturday evening, the three thrill-seekers jumped off a high point in Duikar.

While the two Spanish paragliders landed safely in Ganish Valley of Nagar, adjoining Hunza, Xavier did not show up.

Police and local volunteers rushed to the site, and launched a search but found no trace of the paraglider.

Now an army helicopter has joined the search and rescue efforts for the missing paraglider, Haidri said.

Pakistan’s sparsely populated region Gilgit-Baltistan is home to some of the top peaks and a major tourist destination.

It has a particular draw for adventure and thrill seekers, particularly those from Europe.

A large number of tourists visit the region each year for expeditions on various peaks, paragliding and other sports.

This year, a record, 1,400 mountaineers have travelled to the mountainous region in a bid to scale the world second tallest peak, K2.

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