An increasing number of beggars

In recent times, there are more beggars everywhere in the city. No street or market is uninhabited by beggars. They can also be seen in large numbers in hospitals, as well as places like schools and colleges. They begin pursuing you as soon as you leave your house. Then they stick with you wherever young, healthy men can be perceived as beggars. Even young kids are made to beg by their parents. They encourage a lot of people to beg because it is a simple method to make money.

Beggars engage in criminal activity as well. They commit theft and fraud in residences, businesses, and places of employment. They have also been observed lifting children. They have so many organised crime groups. The female beggars sneak into the homes and plunder the residents in various ways. Child lifting gangs cut off the children’s limbs and make them sit in busy areas to beg.

The public should work with the government to stop this social scourge and the government should exercise strict control over it.



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