Cop martyred as operation against criminals enters 3rd day

Operation against two gangs continuing in Katcha Area since Aug 2.

RAJANPUR   –   A police constable was martyred after killing three criminals as the ongoing en­counter between police and criminals en­tered third day on Thursday, leaving five outlaws dead in Katcha area of district Rajanpur.

DPO Rajanpur Ahmad Mohyuddin is spearheading the operation since August 2 against the two gangs of criminals in­cluding Lond gang and Dolani gang that are operating in Katcha area. The area comprised of difficult terrain which the criminals had been using as a hideout for the last many years. The operation has so far left five criminals dead and one in­jured in police custody was identified as Shahid Lond, the ring leader of Lond gang.

Talking to media, the DPO said that con­stable Rao Rahat Saleem fought bravely on the frontline and received a bullet in his head before killing three criminals. Saleem fought for over 20 hours against the criminals.

The district police officer recalled the incident when 40-45 criminals had at­tacked Bahar Machi police picket after they encircled it. Police, however, re­turned fire in self defence. Reinforce­ments also reached the area and the at­tack was repulsed. After 20-hour fight, five criminals were killed and one was held in injured condition. Police suf­fered its first loss on Thursday when the brave police official Rahat Saleem was injured. He was rushed to hospital but died there, DPO added.

Addressing a police gathering at Ra­janpur police lines, Additional IGP south Punjab Ehsan Sadiq said that he would utilize all resources to free Katcha rea from all criminals. He heaped praise on professional competence of Rajanpur police and remembered the martyred policeman in golden words. He also an­nounced renaming Kot Mithan police sta­tion as Rahat Saleem police station.

The DPO said that police had launched search operation in Katcha area from June 26 that resulted in the arrest of many fa­cilitators while three members of Umrani gang had surrendered before the police. Bodies of two dacoits Fayyaz Dolani and Gora Umrani were in police custody while three others dead criminals were still in custody of their accomplices.

Noted political personalities of the area including MNA Sardar Nasarullah Khan Dareshak, MPA Sardar Awais Khan Dare­shak, DPO Rajanpur, DPO Rahim Yar Khan and many senior officials attended the fu­neral prayer.

Shaheed Rahat Saleem’s father Rao Saleem was also martyred in the year 2000. He was a driver in Parco and was shot dead by dacoits. Shaheed Rahat is survived by a widow, two daughters and a son.

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