WASHINGTON - Pakistan and the US are set to try and repair relations as tension between the two uneasy allies increased in recent months over host of issues, including the US drone strikes and clandestine CIA operations. Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir, who arrives in this capital city later Wednesday, will hold a series of meetings with senior US officials Thursday. The two sides will focus on strategic convergences and resolve recent grievances to keep the strategic partnership on track, Pakistans Ambassador to the US Husain Haqqani said. He said neither side wants to jeopardise the critical relationship and sounded confident on approaching differences in perceptions and resolving recent issues to the satisfaction of Pakistan. Bashir will lead the Pakistani delegation in two rounds of meetings of a steering group. The meetings will be held at the State Department and the Pakistani embassy. The US Special Representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan Marc Grossman will lead the American side. The meetings take place against the backdrop of tensions resulting from CIA contractor Raymond Davis killing of two Pakistanis and Islamabads protests to frequent drone strikes. A joint statement will be issued at the end of the meetings. We look forward to moving forward, the Pakistani envoy said. There is realization that neither country can afford or accept any major problem in the relationship. To a question, he said relations between friends are based on shared interests. The discussions are expected to cover efforts towards resolution of the Afghan conflict and regional situation with reference to India.