CHITRAL - The first positive case of the coronavirus came to light here on Monday when a 48-year-old Shahabuddin tested positive, Coordinator of Public Health and Medical Superintendent of District Headquarters Hospital Chitral Dr Nisar Ahmed confirmed. The first positive test was also confirmed by the district administration.

Shahabuddin, hailing from Pashtoon tribe of Jeo Dogh area, district Chitral, was recently back from Tablighi Jamaat and was kept in the quarantine before his test was taken, Dr Nisar informed. According to Dr Shamim and Dr Nisar Ahmed, the condition of the patient was not serious.  The district administration has declared his entire house quarantined and put him in isolation. Meanwhile, a person from Upper Boghul Valley, Chitral, also died on Monday.

According to details, the person came from Gilgit-Baltistan, and was kept at quarantine in Bonnie. He was identified as Abdul Karim s/o Jan Roz Khan, who died of severe fever and shortness of breath. And there was constant bleeding from his mouth. However, due to lack of health facilities in the Broghal Valley, his blood did not stop and he died instantly. He was in Gilgit for six months for learning driving. He had returned from Gilgit along with his 24 other colleagues and was kept at the Bonnie Quarantine Center for fourteen days. And after fourteen days, these twenty-five men were transported to Boghal in a single jeep where his health was further deteriorated and he died.

When Commissioner Malakand Division Riaz Masud was contacted in this connection, he assured that strict action would be taken and all those coming from down country would be made to pass through quarantine centre first.

He also directed Deputy Commissioner Upper Chitral Shah Saud on the phone, telling him that he would be investigating the matter and that he should take notice of people entering Chitral without quarantine.