ISLAMABAD - A three-day Japanese film festival will be open to public at Islamabad from August 26 to August 28 as a part of Japan-Pakistan Friendship Fest 2008. The Japanese film festival is among one of the most popular cultural events of the Japan-Pakistan Friendship Fest, which would be held under the auspices of the Embassy of Japan in collaboration with Pak-Japan Cultural Association, MEXT Alumni Association of Pakistan and Serena hotel. The purpose of organising this festival is to provide a great opportunity to the people of Pakistan to learn about the cultural life of Japan and to experience some aspects of Japan and its society. The Japanese film festival has become a regular feature in the cultural activities of Islamabad and people from all walks of life come and enjoy these films. The festival will also enrich the knowledge of the viewers about the techniques, treatment of subjects and the art of direction in the Japanese film industry This year five films have been selected to portray the socio-cultural development of the Japanese people. The Festival will be inaugurated on August 26 with screening of Japanese film titled 'Ogin her love and Faith". Kumai Kei is the director of the film and the story is set in 16th century Japan of Takugawa Shogunte period. Hideyoshi Toyotomi, the Shogunate, is an ambitious man who aspires to bring the whole of Japan under his control. Orgin, a beautiful adapted daughter of the famous master of Tea ceremony Sen Riku, was engaged in her childhood to the young local Lard of Sakai, Ukon Takayama. The remaining four films, including 'Night Train to the Stars', 'Faraway Sunset', 'Keiho' and 'Kodayu' will be screened at the National Library Auditorium on August 27 and 28. Directed by Omori Kazuki, film 'Night Train to the Stars' is a story of a Giovanni, who is a boy from a poor family, working hard to feed his sick mother. His kind friend campanella cares for him. "Kodayu" is a powerfully evocative film that captures the feeling of the age. It is a true story of Daikokuya Kodayu, one of Japan's many (reluctant ambassadors) who ended up in foreign lands by accident during an age when the Japanese shogunate punished travel abroad with death. In 1782,a cargo ship manned by Captain Daikokuya Kodayu and his crew of 17 leaves the port of Shiraka in Ise, bound for Edo (present day Tokyo). On the way, the ship runs into a storm and becomes helplessly adrift. Film 'Faraway Sunset' is about Noguchi Shika, a wife to an irresponsible peasant farmer in the Northern Region of Japan. Yousimitsu Morita's long filmography includes everything from art-house hits to romantic drama by way of porno comedies, but "Keiho" is first psychological mystery thriller. Keiho diverts from recent Japanese thrillers, as its focus is not so much a journey into existential darkness, but emergence of long-hidden secrets through patient investigation.