ISLAMABAD - Exit of Pervez Musharraf from the office of Presidency would strengthen the democratic institutions in Pakistan, said Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan Mohammad Anwar Anwarzai, at an exclusive interview with TheNation. "The stepping down of the President has paved the way for the civilian government to exercise democracy in real terms. The government can contribute a lot in this regard", he said. The Ambassador expressed his profound wish to see Pakistan as a stable and prosperous country. "Its my inner most desire to see Pakistan stable, progressive, prosperous and enlightened". He said that people of Pakistan have recorded their verdict in favour of democracy in the February 2008 elections to embark on the empowerment of democratic institutions and supremacy of rule of law. The outgoing Ambassador, who would be leaving for Kabul by the end of this month, paid homage to the Pakistani people and government for the hospitality and respect extended to him. "Our Pakistani brothers did never let us feel that we are working in some other country. Pakistan is like home to us", he observed while adding that the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan share similar cultural values, heritage, history, religion and lifestyle. Owing to strong cultural bonds, deepened ties, similar heritage and history, Anwarzai was of the view that both the states need to forge a strong relationship on diplomatic, economic, cultural and social fronts to tackle their mutual problems. Afghanistan and Pakistan not only share mutual identity but mutual threats as well. The issues of terrorism, inflation, unemployment and other social problems are some factors of concern for both the countries, which could only be dealt with collective efforts, he noted. "There is a global tide of price hikes, terrorism and inflation. Hike in oil prices along with the scarcity of food and eatable items has moved the entire world besides our region. But both the brotherly states, Pakistan and Afghanistan are determined to tackle their mutual problems", he stated while adding that these problems cannot be tackled single-handedly.  The Afghan Ambassador urged the decision-makers to set aside their hostile experiences of past and look forward for a better future. Moreover, he stressed upon the need for the solution of existing problems by means of dialogue and table talks. "Since their existence, both Pakistan and Afghanistan have witnessed ups and downs. If there's any problem, it must be sorted out through dialogue", he emphasised. In response to a query regarding security threats in Pakistan, Anwarzai ruled out the possibility of any security lapse. "I never feel insecure being here, Pakistan is like home to me", he added. Discussing the forthcoming diplomatic endeavours, the Afghan Envoy mentioned that mandatory steps have been taken to intensify the cultural exchange of visitors, tourists, professionals, experts and students. The regional cooperation between both the states would help eradicate the existing problems that would further result in collective benefits, he vowed. Mohammad Anwar Anwarzai, a prolific diplomat with over 50 years of diplomatic experience, has served in the most prestigious international institutions and diplomatic missions including New York Mission, Vienna, Russia, United Nations and several other European and Middle Eastern missions. He shunned any chances of hostility in future and vowed, "Let me assure you, our soil would never be used against our Pakistani brothers and vice versa".