In the month of Ramadan, most of the political parties in Karachi are distributing extortion slips in the name of Fitra and Zakat and the top of the list is MQM. 80% of Karachi is covered by MQM which includes most of the industrial areas and MQM has built units in all those areas. These units send workers to distribute the extortion slips in every shop, house and industry. One extortion book contains 25 slips, Rs.75/slip. Little shops get at least one book, and big shops get two to three books and industries have to pay for five to six books forcefully. Even poor people can't get the benefit of their poverty. It is very strange that MQM senators Babar Ghori and Col (r) Tahir Mashhadi condemned the distribution of extortion slips and appealed to President of Pakistan to stop it rather demanding their Party Leader Altaf Hussain. If MQM is really a democratic party as it claims then I request to MQM Leader Altaf Hussain to take immediate notice of this issue and stop the extortion which is done by your own party workers and use a real democratic way of getting Fitra and Zakat so that you can win the hearts of people. UMER ISLAM, Karachi, August 19.