BADIN - A large number of people, including leaders of political parties, rights activists, members of the civil society, traders and notables took out a rally in Mithi on Thursday to protest against what they said efforts to create rift between Hindus and Muslims living in Tharparkar.

Later, talking to the journalists, Sajan Charo, Akbar Dars, Abdul Subhan Samejo, Kishwar Jagani and other protestors said they were alarmed at the activities of some elements who were trying to pit Muslims against Hindus. They said that the local administration should take notice of the situation, and discourage such elements who were bent upon creating a wedge between the people of two different faiths, thus putting law and order situation in the desert district in jeopardy.

They were of the view that Tharparkar could only prosper when there was no threat to its inter-faith harmony.