Security of the Imam Bargahs and other religious places remained tightened on the eve of first Muharram-ul-Haram and Jumma in the metropolis on Friday.

SSP Operations Lahore Faisal Shehzad has issued directions to all the divisional SP's, DSP's and SHO's to ensure foolproof security arrangements. 

Police officers and officials along with members of the Dolphin Squad and Police Response Unit remained alert at all the sensitive Mosques and Imam Bargahs.

Police checked all the vehicles including suspicious persons at Entry and Exit points of the city. 

Moreover, on the instructions of SSP Operations Faisal Shehzad were conducted around sensitive areas of the city along with Imam Bargahs, Masajid and other important offices and public places.

Heavy contingents of Dolphin Squad, PRU, Elite force, security agencies and Lahore Police participated in the search operations.

Lahore Police checked all the suspicious persons in various parts of the city with the help of biometric and latest android devices.

According to the spokesperson of Lahore Police, the ongoing search operations were to create a sense of security among the citizens and maintain law and order situation in the provincial capital.