KARACHI - The Pakistani graduates of Peoples Friendship University of Russia observed the 50th anniversary of the University. In this regard, they organised a splendid ceremony at Friendship House to commemorate their academic period at the University and paid tribute the service of University in the education sector on Saturday. The ceremony was participated by several Pakistani graduates who studied in the Friendship University including former senator Tahir Bazenjo, Dr Istiaq Rasool, Andul Waheed and others. Government of USSR laid foundation of the said varsity on February 5, 1960 while renamed it as Peoples Friendship University of Russia on February 5, 1992. The Pakistani graduates highlighted the role of the University among the students and as well as in the other parts of the world. In February 1975 the University was honoured with Peoples Friendship Order for the contribution in the Asian, African and Latin American development. They said that today People Friendship University was one of the leading state higher educational institutions of Russia. It is a renowned research centre well known in Russia and abroad. More than 65,000 graduates of the university work in 170 countries, among them more than 5,000 are Ph.D. and Doctorate degrees holders. Many PFUR graduates are prominent state and public figures in Russia, CIS and other countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. They help Russian and their native countries to establish new direct ties in development of economic, scientific, technical and cultural cooperation. The university has a multiple-profile structure faculties and specialties, typical for classical universities of Europe. It has structural subdivisions. The studies at the University began on September 1, 1961. On June 29, 1965 the first 288 young specialists from 47 countries graduated from the University. By the year of 1975 there had been already about 5600 graduates including 4250 foreigners. The University personnel number ran to 7500 including more than 1000 teachers, among them 100 professors and associate professors, 460 doctors and assistant professors, 5000 graduate and post-graduate students from 89 countries. The University stuff includes 2112 employees; among them there are 332 professors and associate professors, 807 doctors and assistant professors, 61 academicians and Corresponding Members of academies of Russia, 50 Honoured Men of Science of the Russian Federation, 26 PFUR teachers and professors are full members of the international academies and scientific societies. They informed that PFUR is a member of the International University Association, the Eurasian University Association and has more than 160 association agreements with foreign universities and research centres. The PFUR collaborates with the International Organization of Francophone, the European Capitals University Association, and the European Association of International Education. The PFUR is a participant of UNO, UNESCO, CE and other international and intergovernmental organizations, programmes and forums. The PFUR is one of the founders of the Association of Universities of Europe and Central Asia Network.