The tension is visible India threatened Pakistan. This was after their guards had been kidnapped by, allegedly, terrorists operating within Pakistan. They said if the government did not return them, they reserved the right to enter into Pakistan and take appropriate measures to free their people. I am sure our foreign office retaliated and replied with assurances that Pakistan had no hand in the incident. I would like to know what does our government has in mind for the slaughter (literal beheading) of 23 soldiers of Frontier Constabulary by the Taliban. This is the same Taliban our government wants to talk to.

Our collective shame doesn’t end at the slaughter of these soldiers. These soldiers were kidnapped by the Taliban in June 2010. Pakistani public is justified to ask the former and the present federal and provincial governments and the army itself: What have they been doing for the last three years to free these soldiers? They were held in North Waziristan. If we don’t have any answer, then why get angry about Indian threats? All countries cannot be as insensitive as we have been in regard to our soldiers, who work in the worst conditions on the borders to protect us. Do our leaders care?


Saudi Arab, February 19.