In Pakistan rules are only followed in areas where there is strict police monitoring or harsh fines levied. In the rest of the city there is no respect for law displayed even by our educated car drivers. In my daily commute to my office, I come across blatant disregard to traffic rules all around me. The worst is the disregard to honking around hospitals. The world over this law is implemented and generally we should all practise it without being told.

It is frustrating to see a sea of vehicles in the ‘Silence Zone’ beeping and tooting frivolously without keeping in mind the consequences of their careless. Along with disturbing people and influencing their performance, the hazardous monster of noise pollution has now become cause for many disastrous health effects such as blood pressure, hearing impairment, anxiety, hysteria, stress, cardiac issues, sleep disorder, and in some cases even changes in immune system. It is harmful for patients with heart disease. The authorities should take serious notice and appoint some traffic wardens at these silence zones.


Lahore, February 19.