Naan, Roghni Naan, Roti, Pateri roti, Aloo Wala Naan, Qeemay Wala Naan. Do you know what is common between them?

I guess you do. Well, let me spell the commonality out on behalf of everyone. We enjoy them while dining out or when saalan is available but roti is not, and we grab naan or rotis from nearest tandoor. And eat them dearly.

Now, a new circle-shaped, dough-made, chicken or nutella-filled creature has arrived in our midst.

The Naan Factory and its chimneys, located in G-11 Markaz is assembling, manufacturing, and churning out naans in the guise that you’ll be startled. Without prejudice or bias, there produce is piquant and mouth-watering. I saw them while doing my grocery run at the store with a friend, We thought of giving it a try, I ordered their cheese naan, wolfed it down in a couple of minutes, then went for Inside-out Pizza, and ended my odyssey with nutella naan which merges the dear old nutella with roghni naan and this, dearest readers, is closest one can get to Mana on earth.

These ‘customized’ naans are in vogue for quite some time. Depending on whether you hail from IT, App developing clan and name it Naan 2.0 or if you don’t, and hail from a mundane field like law, where pettifogging is regnant supreme, you’ll call it ‘Pizza being Desi-fied and masquerading as Naan, My Lord’.

TNF is a start-up; the lads behind this are engineers in making. The whole idea behind the concept was to offer local food carrying flavors from abroad. And boy did they succeed at it.

The owners, can’t name drop all five of them,  when asked about the recipes and how they came up with them, named ‘trial-and-error’ as the method employed by them to create the taste they proffer.

Nowadays, everywhere, new cafes, restaurant, and eateries are mushrooming. These establishments offer chow from around the world. The choice is myriad and leaves one baffled beyond any semblance of redemption.

At TNF you won’t be baffled at all, as the choice is limited but whatever you choose from the menu will fit your bill. Be it Inside-out Pizza or Chicken Cheese on the salty side; or Nutella or Marshmallow Meltdown to calm the sweet-toothed giant within, TNF offers six different naans in all. Try them, relish them, and do spread the word, a new ‘Naan’ has dawned upon the silent city of ours.