In his first year of Govt, in 2001 he ended “State of Emergency” (Olaganustu Hal) in east of Turkey. This increased the investments to the east, inflation rate decreased to around 7-10% that decreased interest rates and this boosted consumption in all manners and credit cards and consumer loans became available for the masses. Long term credits became available like mortgage and mortgage system became available after 2005-2006 and this helped people to build better houses, accumulations in treasury (dollar, gold) increased by 4 times. Long term international credits became available as before Erdogan Turkey was craving IMF for 1-2 billion dollar with high interest rates. Today, Turkey can borrow money for 30 years of payback. IMF offered 40 billion dollars in 2011 but Turkey rejected it.

USA did not like the rise of Tayyab Erdogan as a visionary leader and serious attempts were made to remove him as president.

On July 15th 2016, a coup was attempted in Turkey against President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his Government by a faction within the Turkish Armed Forces that organized themselves as the Peace at Home Council. But the success of coup was averted by the citizens, the loyal forces and his own loyal part of the intelligence who mobilized on the street to save his capture as the plotter failed to gain public and political support.

He has more power now and he more administrating and political space which he is exercising very prudently and his result oriented approach is paying back to Turkey.

I have met him in my official capacity as Interior Minister while he was the PM in his office and during a couple of meeting during his visits to Pakistan. I found him to be very decisive in his approach with the issues.

I remember a meeting where he was with his Interior minister and the issue of illegal immigrants of Pakistan was at the rise, as per his instructions, his interior minister and I handled the issues by deporting the Pakistani illegal immigrants back to Pakistan duly financed by Turkey.

It is unfortunate to note that lately, an increased number of illegal Pakistani immigrants have been found roaming around the streets of Istanbul and according to latest figures the number has gone up to 80000 Pakistani in Turkey.

I hope the govt takes some solid action to bring them back, even some of them are those who have been pushed in Turkey by Deish in the guise of jobless persons after having them fully trained and using them on various operations in Syria etc.

I would like to express that Turkey is one country which has been helping us in almost all the fields including defence. Turkey and Pakistan laid the foundation of their security and diplomatic ties in 1951 by signing the Treaty of Eternal Friendship.

In the 1970s, Turkey and Pakistan provided both political and military support to one another. Turkey aided Pakistan diplomatically and militarily throughout the process of Bangladesh gaining its independence, and restrained from recognizing Bangladesh as an independent state until Pakistan did. Pakistan gave Turkey its full support during the Cyprus crisis, and provided it with military-logistic supplies. The Cyprus operation took place in 1974, when Turkish soldiers were responding to violence amid a Greek Cypriot attempt to forcibly unite Cyprus with Greece.

President Turkey stated in his address during his recent visit to Pakistan, how people of Pakistan helped the Turkish earthquake victims through donation a strong earthquake that hit the eastern region of Van, Turkey in 2011. A large number people gathered to lend support to Turkish brothers and sister from Lahore chowk. The consignment of relief items for the earthquake victims of Turkey was sent by the Punjab government via a special plane

His statements in the support of oppressed Kashmiris have given a new strength in highlighting Kashmir cause in the world. He also emphasized on the importance of the Kashmir issue for Turkey, with a clear mention of the country’s support to Pakistan for a solution. He said it by saying:

“And now, we feel the same about Kashmir today. It was Çanakkale yesterday and Kashmir today; there is no difference between the two,” Erdoğan said, adding that Turkey will continue to support Pakistan.

I also had the privilege of presenting him my new book namely “Kashmir Bleeding”, during the official dinner given in his honor at the Presidency. He was very happy to read the title of the book and also promised to give feedback on it.

During his speech at the parliament, he also reiterated his support towards Pakistan in FATF by sending a strong message to USA by siding with Pakistan on FATF, Erdogan said:

“I also want to emphasize that we will give support to Pakistan which is subject to political pressure in the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) meetings.”

“As in the past, we will continue to stand by Pakistan in the future.”

And by this statement, FATF will not be able to declare us Black from Grey list where it looks that USA may not like us to be out of grey list unless International pressure is mounted from our friends like Turkey on our behalf.

I am of firm view that Turkey - China and Pakistan can impose a strong International political pressure block against those who are in favor of these three nations. I pray one day we will be an economic pillar in the world.

Tayyip Erdogan has also emerged as an Ottoman warrior, just like his fore fathers and is defeating west on many fronts like Ottoman empire defeated the Byzantine Empire.

Now the world is facing wars and destruction in order to overpower the Economic Zones with multiple resources including water which will be yet another reason of bigger wars.

We need to examine what made Turkey better than us and what can we follow through their experience to make Pakistan as world Economic power which we can only perform by creating unity among ourselves to stand together to resolve our national issues. Let us also settle our internal fights and issues so that we can give the nation a new brighter life based on the example of Turkish model.

The article is written in personal capacity of the writer and may not necessarily represent the views of his party.