Despite of melting glaciers, rivers and huge rain fall Pakistan is so unfortunate that it is at number 17 on the list of countries facing water crisis. “If sizable reservoirs are not built then Pakistan will run out of water by 2025”, says a PCRWR report. 

It is to further mention that at independence, per capital availability of water was over 5,000 cubic meters which is 1,000 cubic meters today. The population of Pakistan in 2030 is expected to be round 240 million which would pose a grave threat to the economy and stability. 

As regards the remedial measures needed to overcome this terrible water shortage in Pakistan, steps required to be taken immediately include, preparation of country’s water policy, construction of water reservoirs, national action plan to be formulated for judicious use of available water, reduction in water losses through seepage, leaching and percolation by lining of Canals, Distributaries and Water Channels, controlled over pumping of underground water and over irrigation practices, by increasing the water use efficiency of the crops by switching from conventional agriculture to conservative agriculture and by adopting water use efficient methods of irrigation like Sprinkler, Basin and Drip irrigation. 


Swat, July 2.