LAHORE - Unscheduled loadshedding continues in different parts of Punjab and Lahore Electricity Supply Company has been found on the top in this regard and nobody from the concerned offices is ready to take the responsibility of this mismanagement, The Nation has learnt on Sunday. As per details, most of the grid stations working for Lesco are facing the problem of overloading as so far no considerable progress has been made to install the sufficient transformers at the gird stations to cover the problem of overloading. Due to this most of the areas getting power supply from Lesco are facing the unscheduled loadshedding. Most of the on duty staffers of gird stations told The Nation requesting anonymity that they were not receiving the schedules of loadshedding in accordance with the plan, adding as abrupt schedules being issued to the gird stations were causing the loadshedding even of 10 hours in most of the areas of City. When main gird station Kot Lakhpat was contacted, the on-duty official revealed that problem of overloading on grid stations was causing more loadshedding even beyond the issued schedules and it was also difficult to manage the frequency of the system these days by shutting down some areas. A responsible official of PDC told this scribe on the condition of anonymity that problem of overloading of systems at grid stations was causing sever loadshedding, claiming that schedules from the RCC and NPC were not being issued in a way to justify the power cuts in most of the areas of Lesco. Wallington Malls feeder Gulshan-e-Ali and Tubewell Feeder of Faizpur faced 10 and 12 hours loadshedding respectively in last 24 hours as most of the areas falling under Tubewell feeder had also been facing the problem of technical fault along with defusing of a transformer in a village due to which partial areas of the feeder were deprived of electricity even for 24 hours. Sources privy to the respective grid stations revealed that Shah Jamal, Ichhra, Kot Khawaja Saeed, Misri Shah, Baghpanpura, Nishtar Colony, Gulshan Ravi, Allama Iqbal, and Chhung to Mohlanwal are such areas which faced unscheduled loadshedding. The duration of power cut inclusive of the scheduled remained from 10 to 11 hours in last 24 hours, they disclosed. Pepco public relations officer told this scribe that problem of overloading was also causing the loadshedding due to the sweltering weather but it was the duty of responsible persons to manage the schedules following the instructions of their respective offices. He elaborated the generation of electricity is 13,282 MW against the demand of 16,009MW as shortfall has been reported at 2,771 MW. Citizens while talking to The Nation said that despite the closure of shops at 8:00pm, the government remains unable so far to provide the satisfactory supply of electricity to the consumers.