OKARA - PTI candidate in NA-142 Rao Hassan Sikandar and candidate in PP-189 Haji Chaudhry Saleem Sadiq said that the PTI had been struggling to rid the nation of corrupt politicians.

During their election campaign, they said Imran Khan had very bravely awaken the conscious of the people for their rights and collective benefit.

The people of every nook and corner of the country wanted Imran Khan to be the prime minister of Pakistan to solve their problems and end up with evils of corruption, nepotism and status quo, they said.

The PML-N rulers not only looted the country but also obtained huge loans from the IMF, World Bank. In a way they had sold the freedom of every Pakistani for collecting money, they said. They said every aspect of national life had been going down in degradation. The only remedy to drag the nation out of the chasm is to vote for PTI which would liberate the people from these evils.