The Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP), Justice Mian Saqib Nisar, promised the residents of Karachi to get them rid of tanker mafia

The Chief Justice was hearing the case related to supply of drinking water and sanitation issues in Sindh at Karachi Registry of the Supreme Court. 

The three member bench lauded the report presented by the Sindh Water Commission [mandated by the Supreme Court] and ordered monthly performance reports on the progress made in providing clean drinking water and sanitation in the province.

Moreover, the secretary for water informed the court that the Manchar Lake provided 300 million cubic metres of water annually.

However, Chief Justice expressed his displeasure at the failure of the authorities to clean the lake.

He remarked, "You did not spend even a rupee out of Rs 14.5 billion. The state of the sea waters is deplorable." Chief Justice Nisar said to the secretary.

He said that everyday 450 gallons of sewage water is entering the sea and questioned about the measures which government took to fix the problem in the past 10 years.

The CJP vowed that the court would itself monitor the progress in ensuring safe drinking water to the masses.

He further said that he will help the residents of Karachi to get them rid of  the tanker mafia, adding that the residents must be provided with clean water no matter what.