LAHORE - The Lahore School of Economics will be hosting its 11th Annual Conference on Management of the Pakistan Economy on 25th and 26th March 2015 at its Main Burki campus. The focus of the conference will be Pakistan as a regional manufacturing hub-prospects and challenges. The conference is being held as an initiative to illustrate how Pakistan can be converted into a regional manufacturing hub, what are the challenges that Pakistan faces and what policies should be implemented to develop the capabilities to improve Pakistan’s position in the global industrialization setting.

The conference will encompass seven sessions over the two days with each session focusing on a major theme for Pakistan as a regional manufacturing hub. The sessions on 25th March will focus on why manufacturing matters, policy environment and manufacturing performance, Pakistan’s manufacturing sector, what makes manufacturing firms succeed or fail. The areas covered in the sessions on the second day of the conference include finance and industrial development, innovation and buildup of technological capabilities-why industrial policy, challenges for pakistan’s manufacturing-the global setting. The conference will end with a panel discussion on the Key conclusions from the Conference, the private sector’s perspective and a policy maker’s perspective.

The conference will bring together distinguished economists, academicians and policymakers from both the national and the international spheres.