They are not cartoons - as some of us in Pakistan like to call them - they are animated movies and one of the most loved genre of the new era. Most definitely, children are not the only audience. In this streak, the franchise of Kung Fu Panda has come up with its third part and made sure that this one lives up to the expectations. The movie has everything in it from the start to the end.

Pandas are on the verge of extinction and require our utmost attention. The movie will make you fall in love with them and leave you wanting for more. There are five strong reasons that you should spend your valuable time watching cool and furious pandas.

There is more than one Panda in it:

Yes, I said Pandas. In first two parts we witnessed only Po taking training and thrashing the antagonists but in this one writer takes us into a Panda land. Po meets his father who comes down searching for him and takes him into the last surviving village of Pandas. And there are lot of them in different shapes, moods and color. You wouldn't want to miss out on the Panda land.

Adorable Dialogues:

"Because we pandas don’t walk, we roll". When Po gets to his native village, he comes to know that he eats less, sleeps less and walks more than normal pandas, that's when the young Pandas teach him to roll, and that became the punch line of the movie and will definitely make you take this dialogue home. The other one is, "You have to find the you in you". Just like in Kung Fu Panda 2, the dialogues teaches you big lesson of lives. The latter dialogue is the main theme of the movie.

Star Studded Cast:

Jack Black has killed it again. His delivery and expressions are so natural that it will make you think that the voice is coming actually out of the Panda. He is the person who makes this franchise stand out of all. Besides that, Angelina as tigress, Dustin Hoffman as a master Chifu, Brian Cranston as Lee, Jackie Chan as a Monkey, Lucy Lu (one of the Charlie's angels) and Seth Rogen as Mantis play their part. Now go through the that list again and take a deep sigh. 

The Storyline:

Kai the villain is after the Chi of all the masters and great fighters. He comes to Po’s village in his absence when he is on the visit of his native land. Kai takes powers of all the friends of Po including master Chifu but Tigress survives and takes the bad news to Panda land where he had to not only fight the villain but his own friends too.

Strong Direction:

How about getting some lessons from a panda, monkey, snake, rat and turtle? Only a good director can take you so involved with the characters that you start learning lessons from them. With your 3D glasses on you feel as if you are inside the animals’ world. Jennifer Yuh Nelson and Alessandro Carlonie have done a great job with this one. They have delivered such strong emotions and lessons with such simplicity which sometimes very complex movies fail to deliver. Strong cinematography and sound track are the added plus.  We would give it 4 out of 5 stars.